Guide to the cabin and tent site at Tsutsumi-ga- ura Inlet.

This is a place where all kinds of visitors, including families and groups of people of any size, can be accommodated. Since cleanliness and the necessary barrier free system are always kept, even the aged and the disabled can enjoy a secure stay here, with various services offered to make the guests feel soothed and refreshed from their business or pleasure trips.


In addition, all the facilities are actually located away from local residential areas, and surrounded by nature. A restaurant and some vending machines are situated within the complex, and for the convenience of visitors, full-time staff are stationed on the premises to quickly and properly attend to such emergencies as bad physical conditions, injuries and accidents.

Cabins ideal for families, or small groups of up to 4 people:(16,500 yen ~)

We offer sixteen cabins in a total of eight buildings, meaning two cabins under one roof. Bedrooms consist of one western-style room with a twin bed, and one ‘tatami’ room (consisting of 4.5 ‘tatami’ or straw mats), where you can choose to sleep either in a bed or in a ‘futon’ (Japanese-style bedding). In the kitchen, a fridge, a gas oven, a set of cooking utensils, and tableware are provided for the visitors lodging in the cabin. There is a bathroom annexed to the bedroom, and just in front of the cabin entrance, there is a table and a yard where you can enjoy a BBQ.

Hours for lodging: 5:00 pm to 10:00 am (open all through the year.)

Capacity: 16 cabins under 8 roofs (4 people per cabin plus 1 additional for each cabin)

Facilities: Living room (2 sets of single beds), Japanese-style room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Lavatory and Rest area

Available for free rental: Sukiyaki pan, ‘Mizudaki’ pan, iron hot-plate, oven-toaster, portable gas stove (but charged for fuel), ‘Shogi’ Japanese chess and ‘Igo’ games, and a set of BBQ utensils

Families cabin
Families cabin's room families cabin You can BBQ

Group Cabin A

The complex consists of six cabins to hold fourteen people each, and seven cabins to hold twenty-four people each. In each cabin there is a spacious living room to facilitate gatherings. The bedrooms have double bunks, which are appropriate for group activities. You can prepare meals either in the indoor or outdoor kitchen using a set of the pans, and utensils etc. supplied free of charge. You can enjoy bathing in a large bathroom located outside of the Cabin. The facilities have been made easily and freely accessible for school circle, and club activities.

Hours for lodging: 3:00 pm to 10:00 am (open all through the year.)

Capacity: six cabins for fourteen people each and seven cabins for twenty-four people each

Facilities: Meeting room, Bedrooms with double bunks, Lavatory and Rest area

Equipment: Bedding (mats, one blanket per person, sheets), Kitchen as a separate building, Fridge Available for free rental: Rice cooker, Pan, Frying Pan, Strainer, Bowl, Kitchen knife, Chopping board, Kettle, Soup ladle, Rice paddle, Cooking chopsticks, Peeler, Bottle opener, Can opener, Spatula, Measuring cup

Group A cabinGroup A cabin
Group A cabin Bath Cooking room

Group Cabin B (56,000 yen ~)

The complex consists of two buildings, accommodating twenty people each. There are two bedrooms, one with twelve ‘tatami’ (or Japanese straw mats), and the other with ten ‘tatami’. You can prepare meals in the separate kitchen building with a fridge, a gas oven, kitchen utensils and bowls. There is a bathroom in each of the two buildings. Also, you can have BBQ parties, if you like, at the terrace in front of the entrance of the building. Groups with small children and the elderly alike can comfortably and securely stay here.

Hours for lodging: 3:00 pm to 10:00 am (open all through the year.)

Capacity: two cabins for sixteen people each, and up to four additional people per cabin Japanese-style rooms (with twelve ‘tatami’ or Japanese straw mats, an adjoining room with ten ‘tatami’, and another separate room with ten ‘tatami’), Dining room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Lavatory and Rest area

Equipment: TV set, Fridge, Cooking utensils, Tableware, Bedding

Group B cabin
Group B cabin Group B cabin's room

Tents for Backpackers (500 yen ~)

Camping tents are provided to backpackers for a reasonable price to stay in the Tsutsumi- ga-ura Inlet, and beautiful surroundings. Hammocks are also available for rental. We are ready to accept visitors from educational institutions, or some circles of people for their open air school or outdoor activities. Please feel free to contact us. Please keep in mind that availability of the rental equipment may be subject to change.

※Tent for 4 people is 2,800 yen for 1 night. Tent for 8 people is 4,800 yen for 1 night. And add price for Usage fee. Tent is already setup.

Campfire fire circle tent
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